When it comes to acquiring your bass guitar, no matter whether it's the first or the umpteenth, there's always one essential question. Should you buy it new or used? If the possibility of a new bass meets a total satisfaction of an ultimate need, a used bass can be just as important in other respects. Here is a brief summary of the main strengths and weaknesses of each option. Then, it will be up to you to play.

The new bass, logically more advantages than disadvantages

Being able to buy new equipment is an unquestionable pleasure. The idea is even more confirmed when it comes to a musical instrument, especially a bass guitar. As a participant in the composition of music to soften morals, the fact of acquiring a new instrument already contributes half of it. In a more equipment context, the advantage of a new bass lies in the fact that it belongs to you first, unlike a used bass that may have had one or more owners before you. It will therefore be personalized to your image, from the moment you take it in hand. Moreover, a new bass always benefits from the latest technology options. You'll have a state-of-the-art instrument that will impress your audience even before you hear your fingering. In addition, depending on the budget you have invested in it, you can take advantage of interesting additional services such as an exchange guarantee in case of defects. The same goes for parts and labour in case of repairs or replacement of a defective item, within the coverage period. On the other hand, it is obvious that the main defect in the purchase of a new bass is the price. If you want a reputable brand with all the options, you will have to dig into the portfolio. Nevertheless, if you really want a new model at a modest price, you will have to turn to entry-level models.

The used bass, strengths and weaknesses of weight

Contrary to the previous choice, price is generally the most important attraction in the balance of positive criteria. If you look hard enough, you can find a rare pearl for a good price. A good-branded used bass can cost up to less than a third of its new price. On the other hand, such an instrument will save you the trouble of "finger-pointing" when you play it. As it has been used before, the strings will logically be softer, and you will be playing with well-oiled mechanisms. Moreover, depending on the acquisition, you will be able to enjoy a certain recognition. In the musical and artistic world, each element can have a more or less valuable symbol. As an example, owning the same brand used by a famous bass player will identify you more or less with him. Finally, depending on your budget, you may be lucky enough to get a used bass with all the accessories such as the amp, plugs or flightcase at a similar price as a new model alone. But in return for these benefits, buying used can put you at risk. For a relatively low price, the instrument may no longer be at its best, visually speaking. Worse, it may have some hidden defects that you will only discover when you play it, such as a broken mic or a burnt-out potentiometer.

Precautions to take

Whatever your approach, it will always have advantages and drawbacks. To make the right choice, you'll have to take the time to look for the nugget. Try it before you decide, knowing that unlike a new one, a used bass has no guarantee.