As to why I Bought A Crazy Time Brasil Designed for My Seniors Mother

Os games de TELEVISION de cassino transmitem a mesma adrenalina e os mesmos riscos de uma aposta numa casa sobre jogos física. Vale a pena aproveitar a entretenimento, sempre de forma encarregado. Agora não é cependant necessário recorrer até um…

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Is solfège useful for practicing the guitar?

Solfeggio is an essential tool in conservatories and music schools. However, some experienced musicians have almost succeeded in their studies without having learned to read the notes. Their coding system remains on the fact of naming each note as well…

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How to learn the guitar neck?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional guitarist, learning to play the guitar always starts with understanding the neck. And before performing in front of an audience, it is better to master the basic techniques of this instrument so…

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What’s a metronome for?

The metronome is an instrument that most guitarists don’t know much about. However, the role of a metronome is to guide the tempo while the guitarist plays with his instrument. Among other things, it is used to follow the rhythm…

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Online courses, video tutorials, private lessons: how to progress effectively?

Do you have a great passion for the guitar? Do you find it difficult to evolve and perfect your way of playing this instrument? We invite you to discover in this article the various innovative tools that allow you to…

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