The differences between classical guitar and folk

Before making the decision to buy your guitar or the one you want to give as a gift to your loved ones, it is strongly recommended that you have a clear idea of what you want. Do you know the…

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Which electric guitar to choose for a beginner musician?

The invention of the electric guitar appeared around the beginning of the 19th century. The first users were great guitarists or specialists in musical formations. The electric guitar is a musical instrument that was improved in sound, to amplify the…

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Are there guitars for left-handed people?

In general, it is rare to find a left-handed guitar. And if there is one, it is often more expensive. A large minority of the guitars sold in stores are intended for left-handed people because about 90% of the population…

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The particularities of the electro-acoustic guitar

As its name suggests, an electro-acoustic guitar is halfway between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. Although this is the case, it differs from the semi-acoustic guitar, which is an electric guitar like any other, but is inspired by…

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What are the necessary accessories for a bass player?

To play good music, each element of the band brings its own knowledge and playing technique to form a whole with the rest of the band. The bass player, as the word implies, occupies a basic strategic position in the…

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New or second-hand bass: advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to acquiring your bass guitar, no matter whether it’s the first or the umpteenth, there’s always one essential question. Should you buy it new or used? If the possibility of a new bass meets a total satisfaction…

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