In general, it is rare to find a left-handed guitar. And if there is one, it is often more expensive. A large minority of the guitars sold in stores are intended for left-handed people because about 90% of the population is right-handed.

How do you choose a left-handed guitar?

Sometimes, most right-handed guitar models are also sold in left-handed versions. Indeed, Single Cut and ST models are also available for left-handed guitarists. You can fill out the online guitar request form if you can't find the left-handed model. It is also possible to invert a right-handed guitar. In order for a left-handed person to be able to use his left hand to strum the strings, he must take the neck with his right hand. He leaves the strings in the original order and flips the guitar over. The thinnest strings will be at the top and the thickest will be at the bottom. This method can be played on any other right-handed guitar. But, you have to look for a left-handed guitar teacher or one who can play with the string order reversed. The left-handed person can also change the string order by adding that he can easily change the direction of the guitar. This allows him to put the thicker strings on top. For those with entry-level guitars, the bridge inclination and fret size may change. But, that is not an obstacle. With a high-end guitar, the left-handed player has to remove the frets and wind them up in the direction corresponding to the order of the inverted strings. The strings can be out of tune more easily when the frets are not inverted heads.

The different left-handed guitars

Now it is no longer difficult to find famous companies and left-handed guitars like Takamine, Fender, Yamaha, Seagull, Ibanez or Alhambra G&L, etc. These companies can make many models suitable for left-handed guitarists. A left-handed person can buy classical guitars. These are almost completely symmetrical to right-handed guitars. The only difference is in the angle of the bridge and the width of the saddles for the top-of-the-line and big-brand models. Therefore, it is very interesting to choose the Stagg model. This one is not very expensive. It is reserved for novices. A left-handed person can also choose to buy a left-handed electro-acoustic. Usually, the preamp is on top. And the cut side is perfectly oriented. But, this can be a handicap for a left-handed person who would easily reverse the direction of their guitar. A left-handed person can choose the Korean brand Cort. It sells electro-acoustic models for left-handed people at a good price.

Where do you find left-handed guitars?

I heard that about 6% of the guitars in music stores are left-handed. Sometimes it's not easy to find a left-handed guitar model that meets the requirements. Most left-handed people make the resolution to buy their guitar on the Internet. Not only is this a convenient option, but they can also choose models that suit their tastes. They also have access to a community on forums where they can ask for expert advice. Many online stores offer left-handed models. However, it is important to test a right-handed guitar and a left-handed guitar to find out which option is best if the left-handed person is a beginner. He or she needs to consider the advantages of both options. Afterwards, it is very easy to choose between them.