The invention of the electric guitar appeared around the beginning of the 19th century. The first users were great guitarists or specialists in musical formations. The electric guitar is a musical instrument that was improved in sound, to amplify the melody, and generate new rhythm. The electric guitar is one of the most used instruments in the world, the variety of sound effects contributes to its fame. Nowadays, you can play with the electric guitar without being a great musician or a professional, you just have to choose the right instrument. As a simple beginner, is it possible to learn the guitar with an instrument classified as for connoisseurs? How to choose the right electric guitar?

The elements that characterize an electric guitar

Knowledge of the musical instrument is one of the criteria required to learn the guitar. The electric guitar generally consists of three parts. The first part is the lutherie which combines the body made by wood associations, the neck and the system where the strings will be connected. The central part is the neck, the neck must conform to the morphology of the hand. The neck can be a screwed neck, a glued neck or a through neck. An adjustment barrier is located on this neck which will be used for straightness, as well as a barred fingerboard of 19 to 22 frets. The frets that are inserted parallel along the fingerboard limit each fret. There are also 6 to 12 strings on the neck. The third part is composed of the sensors: the bridge fixes the strings at this point, we note the presence of the buttons for the volume control, is the jack socket for the input of an amplifier or an effect pedal.

The choice of the guitar depends on the style of the guitarist

How to practice electric guitar for beginners? You have to learn every element of the guitar in order to use them at the required time. The electric guitar has almost all the properties of the acoustic guitar, the sound is produced by the combination of the body, the neck and the strings. The advantage of the electric guitar lies in the addition of a pickup and the potentiometers, these are major elements for amplifying the sound. The electric guitar is constantly improving, there are many world famous brands such as the Fender, Gibson, Jackson and Ibanez. It is advisable for a beginner to get a simple right-handed electric guitar, the model is different for left-handed players. This accessorized guitar is ideal and immediately ready to use, it is a little more expensive compared to an acoustic guitar but accessible for beginners to give a professional feeling. All styles of music can be played with this instrument such as blues, jazz, rock, metal, pop and variety.

Tips for buying your first electric guitar

The choice seems to be difficult in a shop, when you see these professional instruments. It is important to note that a simple beginner should start his learning with a model that inspires him, the guitar that will make him want to play it all the time. Electric guitars for professionals come with many gadgets and buttons, so it's best to have a guitar that is easy to use and adapt to your style. The purchase of the first guitar is important, prepare an affordable budget why not at a price of about 300 euros. Before using it, you don't need to know the rules like how to tune the guitar well. For the first guitar, opt for a robust guitar to be able to play it long enough.