To play good music, each element of the band brings its own knowledge and playing technique to form a whole with the rest of the band. The bass player, as the word implies, occupies a basic strategic position in the success of the band. But in order to fulfil his role, he must have the tools that can spread all his feeling and his technicality. If you have decided to set your sights on this instrument and try to one day align yourself with the best bass players in the world, you must start from the bottom up. Once you have acquired the famous four-string guitar, you must complete your acquisition with the various bass accessories you need to perform. The list is a long one, but to get started or play professionally, the following are the imperatives.

The tools you need to play

To become a bass player, and to remain one once you have acquired the principle, you logically need a bass guitar. But the instrument on its own will only help you to get used to it. To play it effectively, you will need a few extra tools. The first one to consider is the pick. This little accessory will help you to vibrate the strings smoothly and easily if it is rounded. With a sharper head, you will be able to play more accurately and quickly. The pick usually helps you save your fingers from pain after a long play, since the strings of a bass guitar are thicker than those of a classical guitar, and therefore require more strength in the fingers. Next, you should have a tuner among your bass accessories. Even if you already have the musical ear to recognize the sound of a note, the tuner will ensure that each string is precisely tuned. Finally, since you will be playing standing most of the time, a strap that is strong and comfortable enough will come in handy.

The essentials for sound reproduction

Unlike some acoustic bass models that produce an audible sound through the bridge body, most bass guitars are electric. This makes the amp an inevitable bass accessory if you want to hear the sound of the song you're playing. You can find one of the same brand as your guitar, with power to suit your needs. Depending on whether you play as an amateur or a professional, you can choose from a wide range of models. For your information, an electric guitar amp won't last long if you use it with a bass, so choose one that's dedicated for the bass. As an essential complement to the bass amp, you will need a cable with two jack plugs at the ends. This will act as a link between the guitar and the amp, and is the means of transferring the sound you play from the guitar to the amp. If you want a crystal clear sound, use gold-plated connectors. Even if the price is rather high, the investment is worth it.

Useful equipment for storage and transport

When you don't play your instrument, you may not always want to put it back in its case. You will need a guitar stand, or "stand" in the jargon. This is one of the bass accessories you can use to store it safely. As for transport, you'll need a hard case, more commonly known as a flightcase. This will allow you to take your bass on a trip, well protected from knocks and shocks.